24x7为您服务||||24x7 at your service

浏览器遇到好的文章? 您可以:

  • 直接编辑网页内容,划线着色、一键打印
  • 一键提取文章内容、音视频,实时编辑
  • 一键保存至本机、云端,跨机浏览
  • 一键定向发布至网站、公众号、小程序
  • 还可分类保存、解锁网文、截图涂鸦……

See a good article online? We can:

  • One-click extraction of article content, audio and video, real-time editing
  • One-click save to the local machine, cloud, cross-machine browsing
  • One-click targeted publishing to websites、blog,etc
  • You can also select the content at will and print with one click
  • It can also be classified to save, unlock web articles, screenshots and graffiti...
非服务器功能全免费,免注册,免登录 ^_^|||| Basic functions free, no registration, no login ^_^


自动提取||||Auto Extract



One-click extraction of key article content such as web page title, content, and introduction, 90% of web pages can be accurately extracted, equipped with manual tools,take where you click.

点哪取哪||||Take where you click



The selection box moves with the mouse, and you can get it by clicking it, and you no longer need to select, copy, locate, and paste the tedious steps. It is a useful supplement for automatic extraction.

即时编辑||||Edit on the fly



The front and back ends are equipped with html editors, the editing effect is WYSIWYG, and the tedious tasks such as editing and typesetting can be easily and instantly completed.

三栏展示||||Three-column display



The background editing interface adopts a three-column co-occurrence structure of the directory column, the title column and the article editing column, which is clear and easy to use.

定向发布||||Targeted publish



VIP users can publish data into specific websites, blog. Seamlessly pass verification codes to solve login verification problems.

音视频下载||||Audio and video download



One-click download of the audio and video files on the page, save wherever you want, please abide by the law when downloading, and do not download protected intellectual property files.

截图涂鸦||||Screenshot graffiti



The screenshot function is powerful and easy to use, just hold down the mouse and drag to take screenshots, and provide simple drawing tools to meet the user's requirements for modification and annotation.

网文解锁||||Webpage unlock



One-click to remove function restrictions such as page copying and selection, and no longer have to suffer from the trouble of not being able to copy.

n次复制||||n copies memory



Memorize the past 10 copies, press ctrl+alt+n to paste the first n copies

我们专注于数据转发、采集发布、网站发帖||||We focus on data collection,publication and forwarding
需要对接网站定向发布等业务请点击下面按钮||||If you need to connect with the website directional publishing and other services, please click the button below
联系我们||||Contact Us

哪些工作需要使用网风笔记||||Which jobs need to use Netwind Note

网上学习||||Study Online
利用网风笔记可轻松便捷收集整理各种文章资料,即时编辑修改,还可下载音视频文件,截图涂鸦,添加注释,分类整理,跨机浏览,确实是学生网上学习的好帮手|||| Using Netwind Notes, you can easily and conveniently collect and organize various article materials, edit and modify them in real time, download audio and video files, take screenshots and graffiti, add notes, categorize and organize, and browse across computers. It is indeed a good helper for students to learn online
网站及博客管理||||Website and Blog Management
网站管理人员经常面临的一个问题是,网站文章贫乏。网上遇到好的文章想转载充实下又超级麻烦,首先要打开自家网站,然后要登录,再复制粘贴,一套流程下来真不容易。网风能让你一键发布,随看随编,随看随发。|||| A problem that webmasters often face is the lack of articles on the site. It is super troublesome to reprint good articles on the Internet. First, you have to open your own website, then log in, and then copy and paste. Netwind allows you to publish with one click, read and edit, and post anytime.
新闻采编||||news editing
新闻工作者更是需要转载修改发布最新文章新闻,网风作为编辑转发文章的好帮手,当然是新闻工作者的最爱||||Journalists need to reprint, revise and publish the latest articles and news. Netwind, as a good helper for editors to forward articles, is of course the favorite of journalists
公众号、小程序管理||||Wechat Account and Applet management
公众号、小程序作为当今最热的手机应用程序同样需要大量文章来充实内容以吸引流量,网风笔记同样能将文章一键发布到公众号和小程序上,让管理者轻松完成任务。||||In China,The Wechat Official Account and Wechat Applet, as the hottest mobile applications today, also need a lot of articles to enrich the content to attract traffic. Netwind Notes can also publish articles to the official account and applet with one click, allowing managers to easily complete Task.

为什么选择我们的服务||||Why choose our services

安全放心||||Safe and secure
代码开源,以chrome浏览器插件形式发布,谷歌为您终身把关,以开源形式面对任意用户的检验,绝无任何后门、木马等不良代码。||||The code is open source and released in the form of a chrome browser plug-in. Google will check it for you for life. It will face the inspection of any user in the form of open source, and there will be no bad codes such as backdoors and Trojans.
方便易用||||Ease of use
本机功能不仅终身免费,还免注册、免登录,快速上手,节省时间。诸多功能一键完成。后台编辑采用三栏结构,同时显现目录栏、标题栏及文章编辑栏,布局清晰明了。|||| The native function is not only free for life, but also free of registration and login, so you can get started quickly and save time. Many functions can be completed with one click. The background editor adopts a three-column structure, and the table of contents column, title column and article editing column are displayed at the same time, and the layout is clear and clear.
一键提取、点哪取哪、数据发布多途径,想发哪就发哪。完美实现验证码无缝对接,简单便捷的操作背后是技术团队强大的实力。||||One-click extraction, where to get where you click, multiple ways to publish data, where you want to send it. Perfectly realize the seamless connection of verification codes, and behind the simple and convenient operation is the strong strength of the technical team.
功能丰富||||Rich feature
音视频提取、截图涂鸦、网文解锁,n次复制,各种功能应有尽有,尽最大可能满足网编人员日常工作需求。||||Audio and video extraction, screenshots and graffiti, web text unlocking, n times of copying, all kinds of functions are available to meet the daily work needs of web editors as much as possible.

客户评价||||Reviews of Customers

azxxlily: Eminer这款采集发布软件做的很强大,软件界面简单人性化,大部分操作都可一键完成,简单易用,操作几乎完全傻瓜式的,非常适合我。|||| azxxlily: Eminer is a very powerful collection and publishing software. The software interface is simple and user-friendly. Most operations can be completed with one key. It is simple and easy to use.
vicefall:软件太好用了,对于我们个人站长的意义简直就像软件界的一颗原子弹,具有划时代的伟大意义!网风笔记万岁||||vicefall: The software is so easy to use that it is like an atomic bomb in the software world for us as individual webmasters, and it is of great epoch-making significance! Long Live Net Wind Notes
jxwb521:这个软件真的很不错的,仅仅花了很少的时间,我在官方网站首页仅看了几分钟就能够轻轻松松地使用软件去采集信息,并能发布到自己的网站里。最主要 的是软件还是免费 的,软件客服态度也十分友好,遇到不懂的还会很耐心地讲解。||||jxwb521: This software is really good. It only took me a few minutes to read the homepage of the official website and I was able to easily use the software to collect information and publish it on my website. inside. The most important thing is that the software is still free, and the customer service attitude of the software is also very friendly.
zhang197093:朋友推荐使用的,果然好用。采集来的信息对新站内容填充很有实用。感谢开发者共享劳动成果~|||| zhang197093: Recommended by a friend, and it really works. The collected information is very useful for filling new site content. Thanks to the developers for sharing the fruits of labor~
阿明:网风笔记做得挺好的,简单易用,推荐大家试用一下。我看过的文章可以直接保存本机,也可以直接发布到你的网站上,非常的方便......总的来说,这个软件是至今为止我最喜欢的一款笔记型采集软件了,相当不错的,几乎集合了其他同类软件的优点。||||Amin: Netwind Notes is very well done and easy to use. I recommend everyone to try it out. The articles I have read can be directly saved on this computer, or published directly on your website, which is very convenient... In general, this software is my favorite notebook collection software so far. It's pretty good, and it almost combines the advantages of other similar software.
振奋的理由:我认为网风笔记是同类软件中最好的,没有之一。||||Reason for excitement: I think Netwind Notes is the best software of its kind, no one.
corner85:软件很好用,比较简单的操作就可以实现想要的数据,支持各种翻页方式和不同语言实现的网站。而且可以直接录入自己建立好的数据库,并配有连接文件下载。热情的售后也是吸引人的地方。站长精选!||||corner85: The software is very easy to use, and the desired data can be achieved with relatively simple operations. It supports various page turning methods and websites implemented in different languages. And it can directly enter the database established by itself, and is equipped with a connection file download. The enthusiastic after-sales service is also attractive. Webmaster's Choice!
游泳的鱼:采用人性化设计、智能化管理,只要会操作电脑就可以操作。||||Swimming fish: It adopts humanized design and intelligent management. As long as you can operate a computer, you can operate it.
Mike233:功能强大,操作简单,代码开源,这是软件发展的方向,各类笔记软件中,网风算是比较符合这个标准的,大部分操作一键完成,省时省力,关键是每次使用还无需登录,太方便了。很不错。||||Mike233: Powerful functions, simple operation, and open source code. This is the direction of software development. Among all kinds of note-taking software, Netwind is relatively in line with this standard. Most operations can be completed with one key, saving time and effort. You don't need to log in again, which is very convenient. very nice.
奋斗的小猪:功能非常强大,基本所有文章都可一键提取,为我节省了不少人力物力。||||Struggling Pig: The function is very powerful, basically all articles can be extracted with one click, which saves me a lot of manpower and material resources.
轻松的鸟:软件做的很强大,软件界面人性化、简单化,我没看任何教程,直接就可上手,一直在用,支持推荐~网风笔记真得是太好用了,对于我们个人站长的意义简直就像软件界的一颗原子弹,具有划时代的伟大意义!网风万岁。|||| Easy Bird: The software is very powerful, and the software interface is user-friendly and simple. I didn't read any tutorials, I could get started directly, I have been using it all the time, and it supports and recommends~ Netwind Notes is really easy to use. The significance of our personal webmasters is like an atomic bomb in the software industry, which is of great epoch-making significance! Long live the net wind.
Jack666:只需根据软件提示在页面中进行点击操作,完全符合人类浏览网页的思维方式。||||Jack666: Just click on the page according to the software prompt, which is completely in line with the way of thinking of human browsing the web.