24x7为您服务||||24x7 at your service

我们专注于数据转发、采集发布、网站发帖||||We focus on data collection,publication and forwarding



网风科技是一家专业于网络数据采集、发布、存储等相关数据处理业务的高新技术公司。承接网站建设、服务器搭建、小程序开发、chrome浏览器扩展制作 等相关具体业务。

 经多年耕耘于相关领域,目前公司在数据采集转发发布等相关数据处理领域处于国内先进水平,具有完备成熟的相关解决方案,开发有 windows桌面软件客户端、linux服务器数据处理及浏览器扩展等相关产品。其中以公司自有名称命名的“网风笔记”浏览器扩展在业界有较高知名度。

公司拥有一支技术成熟一流的软件开发队伍,在业界打拼多年,具备网络数据处理、各类项目开发的全方位解决方案。致力于为政府机构、高校、企业等社会各界提供一流、顶尖的数 据处理和项目开发服务。

网风公司紧跟时代的步伐,立志于做最好的软件,最好的服务,做一流的企业。公司以创造精品软件,提供满意服务为公司宗旨。以诚信 、敬业、团结、创新作为公司奋斗精神。公司全体人员上下一心、努力奋斗、勤奋耕耘,力争做成国内国际知名,为社会各界认可并具备良好业绩的知名公司。

  “千里之行,始于足下”,公司信奉只要我们踏踏实实做好自己每天的工作,每天有一点小进步,每月上一个小台阶,集小成为大成,持之以恒,必能创造辉煌的 未来。




Netwind Technology is a high-tech company specializing in network data collection, publishing, storage and other related data processing businesses. Undertake website construction, server construction, applet development, chrome browser extension production and other related specific businesses.

 After years of hard work in related fields, the company is currently at the domestic advanced level in the field of data collection, forwarding and publishing and other related data processing. It has complete and mature related solutions, and has developed Windows desktop software clients, linux server data processing and browser extensions and other related products. Among them, the "Netwind Note" browser extension named after the company's own name has a high reputation in the industry.

The company has a mature and first-class software development team, which has been working hard in the industry for many years, and has comprehensive solutions for network data processing and various project development. Committed to providing first-class, top-notch data processing and project development services for government agencies, universities, enterprises and other sectors of society.

Netwind keeps pace with the times, and is determined to be the best software, the best service, and a first-class enterprise. The company aims to create high-quality software and provide satisfactory services. Take integrity, dedication, unity and innovation as the company's fighting spirit. All the staff of the company are united, work hard, and work hard, and strive to become a well-known company at home and abroad, recognized by all sectors of society and with good performance.

  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, the company believes that as long as we do our daily work in a down-to-earth manner, make a little progress every day, take a small step every month, and gather small things into great achievements, perseverance, we will be able to Create a brilliant future.